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Hi, Kellie & Russ!
     Just wanted to update you on our newest addition... She was perfect all the way home. With the exception of two potty stops she slept the whole way. She absolutely loves Don's Lab, Ruby, and our two cats. Well, she's interested in
them and they are very wary of her. They keep their distance and don't take their eyes off of her. By day two she decided if they won't play with her, she'll just yip at them. It's pretty cute!  She's done great at night. She cries if I close her kennel door, so I just leave it open and she ends up going in on her own to sleep. She gets up pretty early - 5:00 a.m. - which isn't good for me...hopefully that will change as she gets older. She sleeps a lot during the day (just like a baby - mixes up her days and nights!) and her favorite place to sleep is on Adam's beanbag chair. She is very curious-again like a baby-and we follow her around and make sure she doesn't get into things she shouldn't. She had her first bath yesterday after digging in some mud (must have got that from her mama!) The kids are having a ball with her. Now if they'd only get up with her in the morning, that would be great!
     Rick's mom is disappointed that I didn't call her from your house about getting the other pup for them. She said we would have come home with two! She is still working on Don.....you may be getting a call from one of us soon! I think RuthAnn would probably like to have Mouse-she wants a smaller female. Let me know which other pups go home with those other families. I hope you were able to find Maggie right away after we left.  Did you have a nice weekend? All those teenagers....hope all went well! I'll send some pictures as soon as I get some good ones during the day (when she's not sleeping...)


Hey guys,
     Just wanted to let you know that Maverick (Ric) is doing great. The other dogs love him and so do the kids. He has claimed the spot behind my recliner as his and goes there when the kids get too overwhelming, which is about three times a day, especially in the evening when he gets tired. He slept through the night last night and only woke up once on the first night and that was to go potty. Then he went right back to sleep. He has only had one accident and that was our fault, as we didn't realize he was done eating (too busy). We played with a quail wing on a fishing line yesterday and he got real curious and locked up with the high curl tail, of course it didn't last long enough to get a picture but was beautiful while it lasted. He and Lizzy (English Setter) are already friends, although I haven't let him spend too much time with the other dogs (until he has his final shots). I did let Lizzy in the house with him and they played hard. Now Lizzy sits looking in the door while Ric sits looking out at her, it is really cute. I think he misses his siblings, he doesn't really while until night time and then its until he finds the green towel. Once he has the towel he takes it to his spot and curls up with it, its amazing how much they are like children. Anyway, he's doing great and I'll let you know how the vet visit goes Friday.
Thank you sooooo much, his is already a member of the family. The older girls spent the first night with grandma and had to call several times that night and first thing in the morning to check on Ric.


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