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Russ & Kellie -
     Here are the latest pictures of Banner and Bess at one year.  We continue to be so grateful that we were able to find you at the time we were looking for very high quality Llewellin setters.  As you know, we have three other Llewellins and one field-trial bred setter.  Of all the dogs that we have, (and we love them all), Bess and Banner have to be the most delightful pair that we have ever owned.  We have been hunting with setters for over 30 years and have had the pleasure of owning and hunting 19 bird dogs.  Our bird dogs are truly part of the family and we are with them 24/7.  It is important to us that our dogs are great companions at home as well as accomplished hunters in the field. 
     We firmly believe that this high quality of dog starts with socialization from the day of birth.  We have become disciples of Dr. Ed Bailey's (Gun Dog magazine columnist) philosophy of preparing young pups.  Your gracious cooperation in allowing us to visit and imprint with the litter at 5 1/2 weeks and allowing us to take possession at 9 1/2 and 10 1/2 weeks has proven successful in allowing our new pups to integrate with our existing dogs and still have plenty of confidence and initiative. 
     Your careful breeding and puppy socialization program produced the type of dog we were looking for.  They are not only good bird dogs but also very beautiful and personable.  This is no accident.  Although last year they were really too young to hunt, we introduced them to pen raised birds at 12 weeks and they immediately acted like they knew what to do.  We took them along with us on all of our wild bird hunts last year and they steadily progressed, eventually pointing coveys on their own.  We are very excited about hunting them this year in their first real season.  We have no doubt that they will be very successful.  Bess will have a big smile on her face at the end of every run, and Banner will be his usual easy-going self. 
     Thanks again for spending the many hours of time necessary to prepare Bess and Banner (and of course their littermates) for their new home and hunting careers. 

Sincerely, Gary and Kay Sheffield


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