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     Although we do not consider ourselves breeders, we usually do have one litter of puppies per year. Our main objective is to continue to promote the fine qualities of the Llewellin Setter breed, sharing our love of this breed with others who have the same interests and goals. The parents of our puppies are DNA�d and certified through the Field Dog Stud Book, which is the only true registry available for the Llewellin Setter breed.

     Our puppies are well socialized, as our children and I spend countless hours playing and cuddling the pups. Upon adoption, your puppy will be dewormed and will have been given its first set of vaccinations (vet verification provided). Additionally, we will provide you with the necessary forms to register your puppy with the American Field FDSB.

     If you are interested in adoption, please feel free to contact us. Our intention is to place our puppies in the best possible environment. Please do not be offended if we ask you personal questions about your hunting habits, training and handling experience, housing arrangements for the puppy, etc. We want to make certain that we give our puppies to a loving home, where they will be happy, healthy and well exercised. We will only place puppies with hunters, as this breed is very active and their hunting desire very strong. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to reject a person�s request to adopt a puppy.

     We strongly urge you to choose your puppy by visiting our home and observing their markings, behavior and personalities. This will give you an opportunity to visit with our family, meet the parents and, if possible, we can visit a nearby field to show you the hunting styles of both the dam and sire. Sometimes you will find that a puppy will actually pick you.

     If you are not able to visit our home, we will discuss a central meeting location, at your expense. We do not air freight puppies, as we do not feel this is conducive to a healthy start with your family. It has been our experience that air travel is a frightening, disruptive experience to animals, especially to very young puppies that will be separating from their mother and siblings for the very first time.


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Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies

PUPPIES NOW AVAILABLE!!!!    Buddy/Ivory puppies born 28 Oct 2013 Click here for photos. To adopt from these litters or to inquire about the sire and dams, please contact Russ at 314-565-1839.

Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies   Llewellin Puppies

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